Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Improve Your Running Program By Recognizing Their Milestones

  Toe Tokens® are everyone's favorite Mileage Club® award. They are so very effective in motivating kids to run instead of sitting during recess. Students are excited to collect every color of foot available.  And they get to wear a lanyard showing all of their friends how far they have run.

Now you can leverage the amazing motivational benefits of Toe Tokens with Milestone Awards!

Runner showing off her Toe Tokens on a Lacelink Lanyard®

Milestone Awards are for the long-term, bigger goals you help your students achieve.

    Unlike Toe Tokens, which are meant to be earned by everyone, a Milestone Award is designed to be reached by the hardest working students. For the kids who refuse to miss a running day due to bad weather or those who request a makeup day following an illness.  You will probably only have a few of these students in your program. These special “Milestones” are not intended to be reached by everyone.

Mileage Club Milestone Award Table

    Milestone Awards must be unique and special. Reaching difficult milestones deserves bigger awards. Because of this, we just added a new product to our lineup called the Snap-On Toe Token Charm. This award is larger than your standard toe token and is made of a rubberized material that is soft and pliable. 

The Snap-On Toe Token Charm is designed for encouragement and style! The patented snap technology makes it simple to snap on and snap off these awards on almost anything. This technology was originally designed to get away from the sharp pins used to hold a bib onto your shirt when running a road race. 

Show off these special Toe Tokens on your favorite clothing and accessories without the fear of ruining them! Snap it onto a shirt, watch bands, a backpack, a hat, or a shoe.   

Try our Snap-On Toe Token Charm for one of this season’s Milestone Awards for your top runners, and you will see your program "run" better than ever. 

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